Bound Basics


Bound Basics is a line of furniture entirely held together by rope. Its design was inspired by the sculptural works of Kenneth Snelson and Santiago Calatrava. What is immediately apparent about their sculptures is their underlying structural strategies, their ‘tensegrity’. A term coined by Buckminster Fuller, tensegrity is short for tensional integrity. Binding parts in a web of tightened wire or cable, an elegant and stable construct emerges.

Held together by the tensional force of the tautened cord, these structures project a deceptive simplicity and inherent strength. A series of exploratory tensegrity models soon developed into ideas for Bound Basics, a furniture line that uses ropes instead of nails or screws and investigates the structural advantages of tensegrity.

The designs now collected under the name Bound Basics each attempt to expose the pieces’ construction and internal stability. The choice of the materials – FSC-certified ecological HPL multiplex and hemp rope – follows the same spirit, foregrounding the design strategy over the flash and glamour of high-tech surfaces.

Ultimately, these Basics are just that, basic furniture pieces modest and elegant enough to fit in homes or offices without being distracting, and instead striking a strong and lasting note of simplicity.

In this project Toon got help from Erjee for the Graphic design, Wouter Stelwagen for the Photography, Florian Duijsens for the text and De Nieuwstaat for Financial advice.