Toon Welling

If psychology helps individuals see the power of collaboration, designers, by their nature and training, are blessed with a wide range of skills that help them look at old problems in new ways. Toon’s background, rooted in the arts and science, has taught him to appreciate the fruits of outside-the-box thinking. This is why he regularly brings together for special projects like-minded professionals from a variety of disciplines. Together, members of Toon’s “perfect teams” use their toolset to address issues that confront our families and communities. Whatever the project—whether designing scalable social environments or practical solutions for shelving books—Toon Welling aims to find unique solutions to today’s challenges before they become tomorrow’s problems.

Contact info:
Studio Toon Welling

Vechtclub XL
Europalaan 2B, D1.3
3526 KS Utrecht
The Netherlands


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